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Often lauded for their strength and resilience, the contribution that women make to their homes, communities, places of work and other spaces leaves a mark for generations to come. Increasingly, women are voicing their need for support, for comfort, for protection and dignity.

In South Africa, one in five women over the age of 18 experience violence at the hands of a partner. Statistics currently place South Africa as a country with one of the highest incidences of rape in the world, with twelve times more women being raped and then murdered in SA than in the United States of America.

Although victims of gender-based violence (GBV) are able to access medical care, with some centres offering counselling as well, a gap remains for the provision of comfort for victims at the centres.

Victims of GBV experience unimaginable trauma physically, psychologically, emotionally and oftentimes financially, too. In a world where victim-shaming has become the norm, it has become critical to contribute towards the creation of safe havens for women – places where they will be believed, places where they will receive the required treatment and places where they will be offered comfort.

Driven by our passion for women and our vision to become a source of comfort, support and inspiration for women in South Africa, Black Halo is a not-for-profit organisation focused on supporting and uplifting women and children who are victims of gender-based violence, and our mission is to offer in-house, personalised comfort for victims at shelters and other GBV victim support centres.

We believe that a better place is where miracles are created through acts of kindness that promote our connectedness. Where doing for others is a true reflection of what it means to be more human. Where offering support to GBV victims is not because we have sisters and daughters, but because we are committed to a sense of humanity that embraces kindness, compassion and love.

We believe that we all yield the ability to bring light to those who are experiencing the darkness that pain brings.

What is the Black Halo Project

The Black Halo Project, spearheaded by Pearl Thusi, is a social enterprise that seeks to extend a helping hand to SA’s vulnerable women and young girls. Through this project, we will join forces with various partners to ensure that women who are victims of GBV – or who are displaced as a result of it – know that they are supported, cared for and guided as they rebuild their confidence, define their paths for their futures and encourage a lasting shift from hopelessness to hopefulness.

Black Halo will focus on three core pillars:

Women, Children and Education.

Women and Children

We will be providing Love Kits to centres that receive, provide shelter and offer post-incident care for victims of Rape and other forms of GBV. These kits will contain a variety of both functional and comforting items, e.g. sanitary pads, teddy bear, a replenishing drink, chocolate, transport voucher, new set of clothes, etc.

With each Love Kit will also be accompanied by a signed note from Pearl.

Through our collaboration with Fight Club South Africa, we will be providing weekly Prevention and Self-Defence classes for both girls and boys in Gauteng. This service will reach other parts of the country once we have secured partners in each province who share our vision to protect and empower South Africa’s women and children.


A variety of programs in partnership with external organisations will be provided to women and children (both girls and boys) focusing on topics such as Pregnancy and Prevention, GBV, Mental Health and available support centres nationally.

Quarterly Talks and Mentorship around the country at varying secondary schools to provide a platform for support, active engagement through conversation and empowerment through knowledge sharing.

Establishment of the Black Halo Fund, a bursary vehicle for young girls and boys – either entering secondary school or leaving for tertiary – that need bursaries and funding to further their education. Black Halo is in the process of setting up such a fund with the Philanthropic Centre at one of the leading banks in South Africa.

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As The [Black] Halo Project, we exist and strive to have influence, whilst helping to heal one individual, at a time.

Join us. Collaborate with us. Re-build a nation with us.